Gabe Fink                                                                                                  San Rafael, California
3D Artist                                                                                     

3D Modeling and Design for Games and CG

-9 years of experience with 3ds Max and Photoshop
-Industrial design and architecture knowledge/experience
-3D, 2D, high and low polygon modeling, sculpting
-UVW unwrapping, texturing (hand painted and/or photo sourced)
-Familiar with current gen shaders, technology, and workflow
-Can adapt to any art style or team environment
-Available for contractual freelance work or onsite employment
-P3D profile
-I am currently Vehicle Art Lead/Co-Owner of BeamNG

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Volcanic Rifle
Rath Light Kart
Gavril MV4
Gavril Bandit
Gavril MZ2
Bacon RevolverFuturistic Tactical Spraybottle
Wires Flats High Poly
30 Shot Revolver
Wires Flats High Poly
30 Shot Revolver
Wires Flats High Poly
9mm Pinfire Pistol
Double Barrel Pistol Morris Cowley

Current & Past Work:

BeamNG - Vehicle Lead
Unnamed Mount&Blade Zombie Mod - Designer/Artist/Project Co-Lead
Ben 10 Galactic Racing - (Subcontractor for Art Bully Productions)
The Darkness 2 - (Subcontractor for Art Bully Productions)
Debauchery (Source Engine) - Art Lead
Ivan's Secrets (Source Engine) - Hard Surface Artist/Weapon Animator
Rigs of Rods - Vehicle/Environment Artist
The Rising (Source Engine) - Hard Surface Artist/Weapon Animator
1866 (Mount&Blade mod) - Weapon Artist


I'm also well-versed in Propellerhead Reason and proficient at the electric bass.
I can compose and produce many styles of music and I have good knowledge of music theory.

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